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Subject: Google Analytics course for Unique Zurich Airport Ltd.
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Hi X,

My name is Anne Bennett and I am a Digital Skills Training Consultant with =

Imparture has an upcoming =91Google Analytics Immersive=92 training course,=
designed to give you full insight into the technical options & business op=
portunities that GA presents.

As Project Leader at Unique Zurich Airport Ltd. Shaban, this course should =
be a very strong fit for your role and skill set.

You can view full course details here<http://www.lmpartureinformationarchit=

The comprehensive workshop is designed for anyone looking to review their G=
oogle Analytics activity and get the most out of it.

Here=92s a quick overview of course program for you:

Web analytics insight — Google Analytics strategy — Getting started — Optim=
izing your Google Analytics account — Visitor analytics — Traffic source an=
alytics — Social media analytics — Content performance analytics — Google A=
nalytics measurement reporting — Setting up your KPI dashboard — Real-time =
analytics — Migrating to Universal Analytics — Advanced tracking code setup=
— Google Tag Manager — Custom variables — Advanced segmentation — Advanced=
API tools to create Excel dashboards — Qualitative insight — Regular expre=
ssions — Attribution modelling

Any questions — or if you=92d like to jump on a call — please just let me k=

Kind regards,

Anne Bennett

Sales Development Representative


London / New York / San Francisco

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