Spam Web Hosting (OMICS)

This range is still in use as shown below, so making the SBL listing live.

Several IP addresses within this /28 host OMICS (Remedy) URIs in spam message headers and message bodies. OVH terminated services to OMICs recently, and the owner of this range appears to be suggesting that they have done so as well in the

HOSTING IP HTTP Banners: Account Suspended MailWizz | Welcome Virtualmin


Received: from ( [])
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 22:##:## +0000
From: Clinics in Oncology™ (Impact Factor: <x>) <>
Reply-To: Clinics in Oncology™ (Impact Factor: <x>) <>
Subject: Dear <x>, Requesting mail for # Page Editorial <x>


We understand your priorities and professional commitments, it would not appropriate at this point of time to over burden you by asking you to write/ contribute a full length manuscript for this issue.

This Inaugural issue will exclusively consider # Page Editorial, <x>.


Kindly send your manuscript as an email:


Please respond to this letter at your earliest convenience. I do look forward for your positive response!.

With Regards,
Clinics in Oncology™
California, USA-94002


Tracking URI:<x>/track-opening/<x>



$ host has address




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