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[!] This SBL record is to show an example of ongoing network abuse. It currently is not being published in the SBL list, but is instead being presented on the webpage so that the network owner has evidence to investigate and correct the problem.

w «» 2022-01-01T04:00:00Z (+/-10 min) ( ..

w «» 2022-01-01T04:00:00Z (+/-10 min) ( ..

w «» 2022-01-01T02:00:00Z (+/-10 min) ( ..

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DKIM-Signature: a=rsa-sha256; v=1; c=relaxed/relaxed; d=.*;
q=dns/txt; s=mailo; t=164100.*; h=To: Message-Id: .*List-Unsubscribe.*: From: Subject: Content-Type: Mime-Version: List-Id;
bh=.*=; b=.*Z.*
X-Mailgun-Sending-Ip: .*
X-Mailgun-Sid: WyI.*IsICJ.*i.*
Received: by luna..* with SMTP X-Mailgun-List-Id=419.*,
87.*; .*
X-Mailgun-List-Id: 419.*
X-Mailgun-List-Address: mail_14247727.*_3.164100.*@.*
List-Id: <mail_14247727.*_3.164100.*..*>
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=».*e.*4.*7.*»
Subject: One caught-on-camera Jill Biden reaction just blew up the Biden
White House power structure with just three words
From: Culture Watch News <newsletter@.*>
X-Mailgun-Tag: x.r50800.1698.nk9tp.*.njukvg.amia6.674qo.5e2ba.pdg
X-Mailgun-Track: true.*
List-Unsubscribe: <http://track..*/?xul=rfqkjglua9010no986hcmoscvgu.*1.*&
Message-Id: <202201010.*0.*.1..*B.*@.*>
To: .*

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=»utf-8″
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

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