Spam MX services ( (OMICS)

Cloudflare hosts the A records of teh domain, which belongs to Remedy Publishers, aka OMICS. OMICS is a publisher of «open-access» journals. It solicits contributions and (by implication) subscriptions to its journals by sending spam to scraped, purchased, or appended lists.

OMICS has considerably over 100 SBL listings, over 40 of which are currently live.


Received: from (unknown [])
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 13:##:## +0000
From: Annals of Short Reports (ISSN <x>) <>
Reply-To: Annals of Short Reports (ISSN <x>) <>
Subject: Short article submission — Annals of Short Reports (ISSN <x>)
X-Report-Abuse: Please report abuse for this campaign here:<x>


We tried several times, but there is no response from you, we would like to contact you again!!

The Editorial Team of “Annals of Short Reports (ISSN <x>)” Journal is pleased to invite eminent authors like you to submit your valuable contributions to our scholarly journal.


Annals of Short Reports (ISSN 2640-6691)
820 EL Camino Real
California 94002
United States



$ host has address has address has IPv6 address 2606:4700:3035::6815:21f8 has IPv6 address 2606:4700:3030::ac43:980c mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 5 mail is handled by 1 mail is handled by 5 mail is handled by 10


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