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This IP address is sending spam for OMICS (aka Remedy Publishing, aka Austin Publishing, and others) advertising its «open-access» journals. The spam is sent to scraped, purchased, or appended lists.

OMICS claims that these journals are peer-reviewed, but they are of dubious reputation.

DigitalOcean: OMICS appears to be running riot in your VPS ranges. Please find out the account name(s), connecting IPs, and other identifying information used by this spam operation and block it all.

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Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 06:##:## +0000
From: Editor — Annals of Clinical Anesthesia Research <>
Reply-To: Editor — Annals of Clinical Anesthesia Research <<x>>
Subject: «Kill the Pain — Save the Life» <x>


Editorial Manager of ACAR
Annals of Clinical Anesthesia Research


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