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Dearest One,

I am sorry to contact you through this means,

I am Miss. Zahra Husameddine, a 22 year old girl from war ravaged Syria but presently leaving in Turkey border Refugee camp with my brother Ali who is 18 years old. My father Abdo Husameddine who before his untimely assassination by the government troop was the highest ranking official in Syrian government.

I really want to move out of this refugee camp, and I’m looking for someone who will invest my funds for me and I will compensate the person immensely. My late father willed twenty eight point five million US dollars to me. I have all the legal document to the funds. This funds is in the bank in Europe. I need your response so I can tell you all you need to know about this transaction.

Your response.
Thank Regard.
Miss. Zahra Husameddine

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