Spam and cybercrime hosting (reports ignored — escalation)


SBL529049 2021-08-02 Selling access to hacked server proxies to cybercriminals:

SBL526387 2021-07-03 Carding fraud site/forum:

SBL525483 2021-07-01 Spamvertised domain/redirector hosting

SBL525132 2021-06-16 affiliate spam

SBL524600 2021-06-14 Malware distribution @

SBL520823 2021-05-22 Spammer hosting

SBL505321 2021-07-03 affiliate spam

SBL502088 2021-02-25 Zoltán Zarka
Spamvertised website

SBL495325 2020-09-17 Spamvertised website

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