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Hello Dear,

I know you will be surprised reading from me today but consider=20
this a divine intervention. My name is Shirley Jill McAllen,=20
widow with stage 4 cancer.

I saw your email in my search for someone I can trust to assist=20
utilize the proceeds realized from my estates and investments for=20
charity, basically helping the less privileged, widows and=20
orphans because according to the doctors my days are numbered.

I desire to entrust this amount of money in your care and It is=20
my last wish to use this money strictly for charity hence seek a=20
sincere heart to actualize this as my health no longer permit me.

I am willing to give you a substantial part of the funds for your=20
personal and family needs so reply to my=20
email( and give me your word never to=20
betray my trust. I have to rest now and will explain further when=20
i hear from you. God bless you,

Shirley Jill McAllen

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