Hacked Website: trentlifestyle.com

A website at this IP address is currently being (ab)used by cybercriminals to phish DHL customer credentials.

URL: hxxps[://]trentlifestyle[.]com/dhl/page/manage/

This issue was most probably caused by a compromised website. Cybercriminals may have gained access to the mentioned website by exploiting a well known vulnerability in a Content Management System (CMS) or by using compromised FTP credentials.

Attention: The website at this IP address seems to be compromised/hijacked. Before you ask for removal of this listing, please ensure that:

— All malicious files have been removed from the mentioned website
— The password of the responsible user/FTP account has been changed (if you don’t do this the issue will likely re-appear)
— The customers personal computer has been scanned with an up to date Anti-Virus Software
— All system software (IIS, Apache, PHP, Perl etc) is up to date
— Any installed Content Management Software (CMS, like WordPress, Joomla, Typo3 etc) as well as all installed 3rd party plugins are up to date

Please consider that if you ignore the steps described above the issue will most likely re-appear and > the IP address will get re-listed on Spamhaus SBL! Simply deleting the malicious file(s) will NOT solve this issue!

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