ESP Upland supporting B2B spammer Ascend Global Media

Received: from ( by …
From: Women in Technology <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 ##:##:## +0100

This sender has had their domain name on the DBL for more than a month.

Both Upland and the domain owner have contacted Spamhaus and it has been explained to both that the use of third-party mailing lists is unacceptable.

The public privacy policy of Ascend Global Media at is explicitly saying they use third-party mailing lists. The conversations we have had with them regarding the DBL listings have reiterated that this is what they do. They have been informed of the fact that this constitutes spam, but it seems they are unwilling to take heed.

If Upland has an acceptable use policy, this is the time to apply it. If Upland does not, or its acceptable use policy allows the use of purchased mailing lists, it is time to rewrite the policy to best current practices and retroactively apply the new policy to all the customers who have been allowed to send spam this far.

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