BitRAT botnet controller @

The host at this IP address is obviously operated by cybercriminals. It is running a malware botnet controller which is being used to control infected computers (bots) around the globe using a trojan horse.

Malware botnet controller located at on port 2223 TCP:
$ telnet 2223
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’

$ dig +short

Referencing malware samples:
MD5 1faabe7d5bb2211a7e9ec2472842c91f
MD5 2b0eee70b8aa1f50f397502b29921f8e
MD5 57bad9bb5f8dd70fa7c16d69b9fa2dcf
MD5 606091b329f83915d08f341ae647bf53
MD5 763905f1fb54d2e172dbaf8572e88302
MD5 7d6120aee7463620e345a9c5f2704d1e
MD5 8eceed42aad902706b466d07c939e94c
MD5 91ca831465f64bb7595fcb44f44a6069
MD5 ba37b903ef9c5e530622a17d0e88d1bb
MD5 dfceeea42e63fccc77af56cbaabcfa11
MD5 fd70bfd2cc0718007bff4039f1f05d6c

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