Abused / misconfigured newsletter service (listbombing)

The host at this IP address is being (ab)used to «listbomb» email addresses:

From: webseonilesh01@outlook.com
Subject: Special offer Website Designing & development Service..

Problem description

Spammers signed up for the bulk email service using the victim’s email address. As a result, the victim is being «listbombed» with transactional messages and bulk email campaigns.

Problem resolution

In order to resolve this spam problem (and have this SBL listing removed), the affected sender must take the folloing actions:

a) Implementing CAPTCHA to prevent automated subscriptions
b) Implementing Confirmed Opt In (COI) if not already done so
c) Clean up their email address list (e.g. sending out a permission pass / COI)

Further reading

Further information can be found on the referenced links below.

Subscription Bombing: COI, CAPTCHA, and the Next Generation of Mail Bombs:

Mailing Lists -vs- Spam Lists:

Confirmed Opt In — A Rose by Any Name:

Spamhaus Marketing FAQ:

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